A thing beyond forever

Book title: A thing beyond forever

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Genre: Fiction, romance

Number of pages: 224

Publication date: 10 September 2018

Language: English

Available format: Kindle, audiobook, paperbook

A thing beyond forever is a pristine love story that digs deep into human emotions and explores the complexity of it in a soul-stirring mirror.
The story is of Dr. Radhika Sharma and Raen Verma, who was destined to love and meet not just once but afterlife as well. This is an old-school love story that is left incomplete because of the sudden demise of Raen suffering from dengue.
Everything left Radhika broken, that she later lived her afterlife just thinking about him and nothing 0beyond that not even in dreams.
Later after many years, she comes across 9 yr old patient under her treatment, who is not only infatuated with her but also keeps asking her nonstop questions. One of those questions leads her to open Raen’s personal diary once again. By the time she finishes reading up the diary. She finds an uncanny similarity between Raen and the young patient through the drawing book he left behind which had several sketches and drawings.

She finds herself in the middle of the unusual situation as she encounters shocking truths and connections one after other that leads her to question if rebirth is a thing if people could just come back if there’s a thing beyond forever…

Some love stories are… Soul stories…

This book is something that made me question my own existence…
If I’m also someone yet to be identified ?!
Is marriage the ultimate parameter for measuring the purity of love?

Having wings is one thing, and flying, another. Having eyes is one thing, and dreaming, another. Having a heart is one thing, and falling in love, quite another.

Destiny is the root of all limitations and a dream is the seed for all liberations.

The times that go away at the blink of an eye are actually the times which eventually get placed inside the safe of our most treasured memories.

Isn’t it better to lie and encourage a significant construction than to speak the truth and witness destruction?

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