Nikita Yadav

PhD Scholar|School Counsellor|Mental health blogger|Researcher|Teacher|

I am a PhD scholar (Clinical psychology) working as a school counsellor and life skill teacher.
Qualifications: PhD. Clinical Psychology (Pursuing), PGD in School Counselling (Pursuing), M.Sc. Clinical Psychology, B.Sc. Clinical Psychology.
Certifications: Play therapy, career counselling, advanced level graphology, biostatistics, and research methodology.

Experience: 3+ yrs for dealing with clients having behavioural and mental health issues, 4+ yrs in doing various research projects targeting the sample of young adolescents to know the current trends and changes with respect to behavioural and mental health.

Currently, indulged in creating awareness amongst youth through writing articles for various magazines and journals, working as a mental health blogger and advisor on social media platforms by the name PSYCHICMOTIVATOR.

I aim to provide psychology learners with authentic, easily accessible, researched topics from the various subfields of psychology.

You can read my published research/articles through the links mentioned below.

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