Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear

Book title: Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear

Author: Sonali Gupta

Genre: Self-help book, mental health guide

Number of pages: 256

Publication date: 25 June 2020

Language: English

Available format: Kindle, audiobook, paperback

Anxiety: Overcome It and Live Without Fear by @mentalhealthwithsonali delves into the condition, using case studies to identify how it can be triggered at work, in relationships, and by social media.

The author has shared a unique glimpse into the mental health condition in India, especially among Gen Z and millennials.

The book is divided into three parts.
Part 1: Understanding Anxiety
Explains what anxiety is and not, the triggering factors, age of anxiety, high functioning anxiety, how anxiety affects the brain, thinking patterns, how to identify irrational beliefs, and much more In-depth knowledge about anxiety.

Part 2: When Anxiety Strikes
Explains different scenarios when you can experience anxiety- social media, love, work, etc. What is fueling your anxiety, taking mental health sabbatical, etc. And not to forget, each and every chapter has a certain activity that helps to gain more insight into the topics, also helps to introspect within.

Part 3: Managing Anxiety
To me is personally very important as it explains how therapy works for anxiety, how to help others with anxiety. This section talks about learning to deal with anxiety in three ways: immediate, short-term, and long-term. The idea is to set tools that can help in moments when anxiety is overwhelming as well as measures that help us when we catastrophize about events in the short run. It will help you to build a set of techniques and rituals for anxiety-provoking situations.

This is a self-help book, an empathetic practical guide that recommends strategies and techniques for anxiety-prone readers, this book will help you confront your fears and take control of your life.

*Disclaimer: The content and information provided in the book is a primer for all readers to understand the relationship with anxiety. This is not a substitute for individual therapy.

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