Dear stranger, I know how you feel

A journey to hope and healing… Dear stranger, I know how you feel by @ashish.bagrecha

#bookreview This book comprised of 30 letters along with poems been dedicated to a stranger to make them, they’re not alone and they are understood. They’re still cared for.

For anyone who is feeling lost, lonely, and misunderstood, Tired of pain and suffering, depression and negativity chasing them. Don’t know where to find hope and how to deal with yourself.

The author writes letters, one for each day, and urges to take one day at a time. To reflect within, and allow our thoughts and feelings to organize, to track our progress.

Each day carries one message:
– About pain
– About emptiness
– About anxiety
– About insomnia
– About heartache
– About loss
– About negativity
– About self-harm
– About identity
– About hope
And so on. For 30 days…

The author concludes while bringing hope to the reader, that there are many options available, they’re not alone and misunderstood. But firstly, take care of yourself. Taking each day as it comes. Taking each day as another opportunity to grow, learn, hope and love.

This is a book that can be read by anyone who feels stuck in life…
This is truly a gem of a book that I’m reading for the 3rd time…
Would highly recommend it to every person even if s/he is least into reading books.
This is an investment in your life and your own self. ❤

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