Roses Are Blood Red: Book review

#bookreview Is love capable of healing the deep wounds which love itself creates within you? Mysteriously thrilling in its essence. Roses Are Blood Red is the haunting story of passion and eternal love and the extent the person can go to heal his heart from the wounds that love has created itself.

Book title: Roses Are Blood Red

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Genre: Romance, Thriller

The story is about Vanav Thakur (Thakur Sahab) and Aarisha Shregill (Ranisa) his true love along with the other two main characters Binny and Smiha.

Thakur Sahab is the perfect boyfriend that any girl can have. He ticks every box you can ever have for your Mr. Right. He cares for his Ranisa, respects her, never objectifies, never says no to anything, understands her, is progressive, and has no shadow of any male chauvinism in him.
As the tagline depicts “even true love has a dangerous side” will make you curious to go in-depth of everything oh so perfect, but how come it has a dangerous side too.

It will make you ponder over the questions…
Can a man spend his entire life just being in love with women? Can a man love a woman even after she dies? Can a man love a woman with his full heart from the moment when he saw her till the last breath?

The way love is been explained is beyond this transitory world. The extent to which you could go for your love and belonging to someone without actually being with them, these are the things that will amuse every reader I guess. It will also make you understand being in love and being in a relationship.

The story takes several twists and turns whilst incredibly describing love, faith, healing, soul, and body.

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