Stories we never tell: Book review

Book title: Stories we never tell

Author: Savi Sharma

Genre: Fiction

Number of pages: 224

Publication date: 6 January 2020

Language: English

Available format: Kindle, paperback

There are stories we never talk about. Stories we are afraid to share. They simply hurt too much or no one wants to listen to them. Well, that’s the reason which attracted me the most towards this book titled “Stories we never tell“.

The story is about Jhanvi, a budding social media influencer. She appears to have it all together, living her ideal life, but something is missing: She has this impossible need that drives her to be more perfect than any person could possibly be.

And Ashray, who had a rocky start in life. With hard work and determination, he translates his dreams into reality, but his deep-seated insecurities come to the force when life throws him a curveball.

This book has two different stories which intersect and complete each other. In the world of loss, darkness, and destruction we always need someone to hold ourselves and bring us light. This is a story of hope, light, and recovery.

The author gives a glimpse of how the life of social media influencers is while pointing out the lifestyle of today’s generation always engaged in phone with FOMO and the way it affects them.

She also talks about the importance of mental health and the way it is still be associated with myths and stigma in our society. Seeking help does not make you any less than others rather it brings in strength to deal with challenges you’ve been facing all alone.

To me, this book is more of a self-help book with fictional characters. Dedicated to everyone who still searches for hope and happiness in the forgotten world of books.

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