The freedom of being human

#book reviewThe freedom of being human” is a saga of diverse human expressions- hatred, sorrow, revenge, greed, contentment, ethics, morality, relativism, atheism, spirituality, psychology, and love all through the lenses of individual personal experience.

Throughout the pages, I encountered many different highlights like borderline personality disorder, nymphomania (strong and insatiable sexual desire), sexual abuse/exploitation, misusing in the name of spirituality, cannibalism (consuming the flesh of the same species), necrophilia (an intense sexual desire for a corpse or dead body), etc being a psychology student. Along with this, I encountered some of the bitter truths being revealed that gave me flashbacks of the days when media was flooded with the same news headlines and context that the book has displayed in particular, though won’t be mentioning.
Would suggest you read and explore it on your own 😌

As a whole, the book is a deep-sea for reading and diving into the lives of different characters, learning from their experiences and perceptions of the world, and containing strong judgments and debates on the subject of atheism.  

To be honest, I found it less engaging in the first few chapters and grew my interest deeply later that I decided to finish 21+ chapters in a go.

*A must for anyone who has a deep interest in psychology, spirituality, and science.

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