The Sane Psychopath

#bookreview The Sane Psychopath by Salil Desai is a fictional exploration of a frightening murderous phenomenon, inspired by a real incident that took place in Pune.

The story is about Shanker Lande, a bus driver who went on a murderous rampage on the street of Pune. He killed 10, maimed 70, and damaged over 100 vehicles before being caught.  

The incident was clear as been witnessed by a lot of people, there was no way to defend the driver for what he did. Still, a young lawyer Varun Gupte decides to do so while going against Pune Bar Association who had to boycott him, and the Maharashtra Swabhiman Sena who had literally given the threat to step back from what he was doing. Also, his friend, fiance all other people who got to know had just stepped back, not to favor his decision for Lande’s defense lawyer.

Are some crimes unpardonable?
He decided to find the truth behind the act been performed so brutally. While uncovering mysteries, along with past evidence, and one of the psychiatrist Dr. Kanitkar father of Gautam who lost his life in the incident living his last breath to get into the bus to stop Lande. He got to know that Lande was having auditory hallucinations and delusions which commanded him to act upon their demands to kill everyone and anyone that comes on his way.

Before Varun could represent the case in the court to defend him proving insane, Lande again heard the voice that commanded him to take his life off and he died while banging his head against the wall in the prison itself until the sentries came and his forehead was a viscous mass.

This is a horrific crime been narrated by the author which I am sure will leave every other reader in debt whether to favor and sympathize or get angry with what Lande did.

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