To the girl who thinks she isn’t enough,

I saw…

I saw you when you were standing in front of the mirror and complaining about how your “hair is too thin”, your “thighs are too large”, and that you didn’t meet the standards of a “pretty woman.” I hear you complaining about wanting bigger height and smaller breasts so that men don’t stare hungrily at them.

I heard you weeping about the boy who broke your heart and you thought it was because you weren’t pretty enough. But I want you to know that it happens.

While telling you about all this, I feel like I’m re-writing this letter to myself too. Just like you, even I stalked that girl’s Instagram profile desiring to look like her and cried myself to sleep because my body wasn’t perfect, my face wasn’t symmetrical enough. I was dark too and my life wasn’t as happening as her pictures were.

There were times when I felt like I didn’t deserve anything or that the world was ending. It did not end there. You are a lot more than the number of people viewing or liking your pictures on social media. And let me tell you these three words — You are beautiful. The way you laugh at your own self.  

Those curly hair locks. Those dark brown eyes brighten up when they see sunsets. Those tiny hands have the power of saving a planet. That smile can make a man fall on his knees. They make you beautiful.

I know you ask yourself questions like “Why can’t that be me?” “Why not me?” Stop right there. Ask yourself one more question — “What if someone out there is thinking the same things about me?”

Be who you are. Don’t pretend to like comics if you don’t like them. Sooner or later, you will always find people who will love you for who you are. Once you accept yourself, you won’t need validation from others.

Lastly — Know your worth. Know that you are enough!

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